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Semuanya Sudah Dibayar

Renungan malam Jumat Agung..

Hidup bahagia selamanya dengan pemikiranku yang sempit ini rasanya tidak mungkin. Berulang kali aku jatuh di kesalahan yang sama. Berulang kali aku bertanya sampai kapan aku bisa sempurna, tidak butuh orang lain, tidak menyakiti orang lain, tidak bikin orang lain kecewa, dsb. Tapi jawabannya selalu mustahil.

Ada sesuatu yang lain disana. Aku baru sadar bahwa kita diciptakan sempurna jika kita bersatu dalam Dirinya. Bahwa alasan hidup dan tujuan hidupku harus berjalan bersamaNya atau aku berakhir seperti tong kosong. Bahwa harga yang harus kubayar untuk memenuhi hidupku dengan kebahagiaan sebenarnya sangat mahal.

Dan aku bersyukur seorang teman sudah membayarnya, walaupun kadang aku juga bertanya apakah diriku layak untuk menerimanya. Karena aku juga tidak pernah merasa bahwa kebahagiaanku sedemikian mahalnya sampai Dia harus membayarnya dengan hidupnya sendiri.

Terima kasih karena Dirimu telah membayarkanku kebebasan dan kebahagiaan hidupku, walaupun Engkau tahu bahwa aku takkan pernah bisa membayarnya kembali..

Terima kasih


Love is ..

From Men, Women, and Mystery of Love : Practical Insights from John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility

Love is not the feeling that you feel. Love is union of persons based on virtuous friendship, pursuit of common good, seeking what’s best for the other, total commitment and sense of responsibility for the other person.

The Eucharist

Legio Maria handbook: page 49 The Eucharist Our Treasure

For in that sacrament (The Eucharist) is Jesus himself, as much present as he was in his home at Nazareth or in the Upper Room at Jerusalem. The Holy Eucharist is no mere symbol of Him, or instrument of His power, but Jesus Christ substantially.

Once was “the unknown God”, “the invisible, untouchable, and unthinkable God”, He renounced himself into our history, and even now still walk and alive with us in the Eucharist.

Happy “Feast of Corpus Christi” =)

I found it very funny if people start comparing who’s their favorite saint / holy patron. There’s God the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Divine Mercy, Mother Mary, Saint Jude, and a whole bunch of known and unknown saints that receive prayer daily asking for mediation to the Lord. Some people really think that life on heaven is somewhat similar to our life on earth: there are famous people (politician, movie actress/actor, singer, TV host, etc) who’s looking for public support as much as possible. Hence, as loyal supporters, we must show the public that our idol is the best compare to the other idol.

When I was a kid, my parents always asked stupid question: whom I love most, mom or dad ? I usually answered: my mom, then my dad just laugh. He wasn’t angry or upset. He just knew that if I loved my mom, it means that I loved him too, coz we are, after all, a family, an undivided body. In the same way, I think people in heaven and the Holy Trinity, would feel if we said that we love this saint more than the others or we love God more than Jesus or Holy Spirit (or Jesus more than Holy Spirit, etc). After all, they and us are one body with Christ as our head. Nobody says that I love my hand most, but I hate my feet so I can afford to lose it. We love them all. Take a look at 1 Cor 12:12-31, One Body with Many Parts.

I think if we truly love Mary (or any of our favorite saint) and ask her nicely what she would like us to do, she would probably look at her son and told us “Do whatever he tells you” (The Wedding in Cana John 2:1-12)

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