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Allocutio Legion of Mary 15 July 2012, for Our Lady of Lourdes praesidium, North Curia, Singapore Senatus

This week reading is about Jesus commissioning his disciples to preach the good news. As part of the Legion of Mary, we are also commissioned to preach good news to our neighbor, since we are in the apostolic ministry. But what is the good news that we are telling to our neighbors ?

Our good news is not about doing charity and good work, following and obeying 10 commandments, going to church, and so on. There’s no good news about it. The good news is about:

That God is real
We have met Him in person, and we are still meeting Him personally every Sunday in our Eucharist. Many people still wonder whether God is real or not. They’re going for meditation, fasting, pilgrimage to sacred places, and do a lot of things, and still finding God is a vague concept. Some even don’t believe He’s exist. Some become disappointed for not finding Him, and reject His existence. But, we are here seeing him everyday in our live and seeing Him in person in our communion. What a great news that your neighbor should hear !!

That God loves us for whoever we are
Jesus didn’t come for the good, holy person. He came for the sinners. Church is not for the holy person, but for everyone, specially us the sinners. I think the thought that we are rewarded based on what we are doing is incorrect when you are talking about our God. Our God is not accountant. He doesn’t take and give based on our performance. He simply gives, and forgives our fault. If we are in trouble, he will be with us, regardless our sins and faults. Even when we are in sin against Him, He would take the first step to approach us. Our God is not the judging God. His mercy is endless. What a great news that you should tell your neighbor !!

That there’s life far more better after this
One of the most devastating state of mind is that there’s no hope. People would go suicide once they cannot find a hope to hang on. For people who’s in trouble, God promises us better life ahead after this one (and we believe it because our Lord has been risen, defeating the death). For people who bored with their life, already have almost anything that they have in their mind, this hope is not about getting better life, but being complete and happy to find their true life purpose, as what St Augustine said “our heart is restless until it rests in God”. Tell this good news as well to your neighbor, for their perseverance, difficulties in life, and happiness would not go unnoticed by God.

So, in conclusion, remember these things about the good news when people ask you: That we have found God, that God loves us, and God is giving us the hope of our life.


Translation is based on The miracle is not approved yet by Church authority, but I hope this translation gives testimony to those who are in doubt that the Jesus Christ is truly present in our Eucharistic communion.

It happened in Church of St Franciscus Xaverius, at Jalan Panembahan Senopati 22, Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. The locals known the church with the name of Church of Kidul Loji (Kidul = South, Loji = Building)

The miracle happened at Divine Mercy Sunday, 15 April 2012, during the Eucharist mass, which was led by Fr. V. Suparman Pr (one of resident priest at Church of Kidul Loji). The story was retold to the media through the mailing list of the Indonesian Catholic Journalist Association (PWKI), by Fr Noegroho Agoeng Pr, Chairman of the Public Relation of Semarang Archdiocese

“The mass, up to Eucharist liturgy, was running well”, said Fr Noegroho Agoeng Pr. During the communion, one of the communion minister gave the host to one of the teenager. “When the host was about to be received, suddenly the host fell down”, said Fr Noegroho Agoeng

The communion minister was looking around the host, but couldn’t find it. “The kid was then given another host to be received. Then communion continued as usual”, added Fr. Agoeng.

After the communion done, the communion minister reported to the priest in tremble about the lost host. The priest then went looking for the missing host, along with the communion minister members. Nearby the communion distribution place, they found a lump of blood, which looked like the host. The priest then cleaned up the blood using the purificatorium (cloth to clean the chalice) and the holy water.

The communion minister who distributed the host, the teenager, the mother of the teenager and several parishioners were asked to pray together to ask for forgiveness.

The used purificatorium then soaked in the piscina in the chapel, to remove the blood stain. At 12.00AM, Fr. Suparman Pr., along with Fr. Saryanto Pr. (Vicaris Episcopalis of Yogyakarta region) came to look closer at the purificatorium. The wet part of it was still wet, and the blood stain was faded. The dry part of the cloth has the dried blood stain mark (red-brown), and smells fragrant.

Quotes I Like

On abortion and euthanasia:
God gives us free will, but not the right to take others life nor our own life.

On freedom:
Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.

On surrendering ourselves:
God owns everything, but not our will. Hence, the most expensive gift that we can offer to Him is our free will.

On keeps falling into the same sins again and again:
A saint is a sinner who keeps trying. Sanctity is like rowing a boat against the current. If you stop, you go backwards with the current.

On the prayer that I read weekly:
A courageous faith which will inspire us to undertake and carry out without hesitation great things for your glory and for the salvation of souls….to kindle everywhere the fires of divine love….to enlighten those who are in darkness and in the shadow of death….to inflame those who are lukewarm…to bring back life to those who are dead in sin….

As translated from ‘Devosi Ekaristi dan Ragam Devosi’ (Eucharist Devotion and Other Devotions) – Archdiosese of Semarang Indonesia. Used as allocutio in Legion of Mary’s presidium meeting, 31 July 2011:

A young mother walked to the church, and found it very quiet. She went to meet the priest, and asked ‘Father, is there any evening mass for this first Friday of the month ?’. ‘No Madam, the only mass for today was in the morning. Anything that I can help ?’. ‘See Father, today is my last day of 9th day novena. This morning my son was so difficult at home so I couldn’t go for morning mass…I’m so disappointed. Just because I miss a single mass, my whole 9 days novena failed. Now my prayer will not be granted’

That’s one of the example of incorrect understanding of devotion practice. Why ? Because the young mother thought that number 9 was the main prerequisites to have her prayer granted. That’s the danger of magical practice in devotion.

Magical practice is a practice which assume that the cause of granted / heard  prayer or source of blessings, comes from certain mantra, correct words, certain time, certain sacred items / charm, numbers or certain places. The truth is that the only cause to have a prayer granted or heard is God only. Whether it’s granted or not, heard or not, is purely depends on God only, and not because of the correct words, mantra, or certain time. 

Devotion prayer should be motivated with love of God and surrendering ourselves to God’s will. After that let God’s kindness and wisdom works on our problems.

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