Eucharistic Miracle at Church of Santo Fransiskus Xaverius, Kidul Loji, Yogyakarta

Translation is based on The miracle is not approved yet by Church authority, but I hope this translation gives testimony to those who are in doubt that the Jesus Christ is truly present in our Eucharistic communion.

It happened in Church of St Franciscus Xaverius, at Jalan Panembahan Senopati 22, Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. The locals known the church with the name of Church of Kidul Loji (Kidul = South, Loji = Building)

The miracle happened at Divine Mercy Sunday, 15 April 2012, during the Eucharist mass, which was led by Fr. V. Suparman Pr (one of resident priest at Church of Kidul Loji). The story was retold to the media through the mailing list of the Indonesian Catholic Journalist Association (PWKI), by Fr Noegroho Agoeng Pr, Chairman of the Public Relation of Semarang Archdiocese

“The mass, up to Eucharist liturgy, was running well”, said Fr Noegroho Agoeng Pr. During the communion, one of the communion minister gave the host to one of the teenager. “When the host was about to be received, suddenly the host fell down”, said Fr Noegroho Agoeng

The communion minister was looking around the host, but couldn’t find it. “The kid was then given another host to be received. Then communion continued as usual”, added Fr. Agoeng.

After the communion done, the communion minister reported to the priest in tremble about the lost host. The priest then went looking for the missing host, along with the communion minister members. Nearby the communion distribution place, they found a lump of blood, which looked like the host. The priest then cleaned up the blood using the purificatorium (cloth to clean the chalice) and the holy water.

The communion minister who distributed the host, the teenager, the mother of the teenager and several parishioners were asked to pray together to ask for forgiveness.

The used purificatorium then soaked in the piscina in the chapel, to remove the blood stain. At 12.00AM, Fr. Suparman Pr., along with Fr. Saryanto Pr. (Vicaris Episcopalis of Yogyakarta region) came to look closer at the purificatorium. The wet part of it was still wet, and the blood stain was faded. The dry part of the cloth has the dried blood stain mark (red-brown), and smells fragrant.


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