Hearing not Listening

You’ve heard about it, but would you listen?

Things that I hate most in my life is when every single words that I said being used against myself. When every statements, that I have, being not acknowledged, turned into the fact that I’m incapable person. Speaking my feelings are becoming more and more hurtful than being silent.

So why complain that I don’t speak much ?

Silence is my own shield. In it I’m saved from every pain of listening painful words.

So why complain that I’m ignoring you ?

Every words that I’d say would become my pain. So, why not ignoring the cause of my pain ?

And yes, every here and there people condemned “eye for an eye” thing. But how do you describe “being left behind” to the person who accused I have never care about herself. How do you describe the feeling of “you ruined my plan for being late” to the person who said it was like that before and there’s nothing to complain about. How to explain that I committed and needed more time and support for my work to the person that accused me I didn’t care about herself, and I should get a better job for my own good. What are the other way to let my feelings being known other than let the person gone through the same pain ?

Maybe that’s why the court calling it “hearing session” and not “listening session”. Because they don’t intend to solve the problem, they just want to see who’s going to feel very bad about themselves after words are spoken.  


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