Absurdity of Bumiputera Rights

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore or even in any part of the world, the concept of bumiputera rights are always there.

The concept believes that certain people who belongs to certain ethnic group should earn certain privileges (mostly is economic privileges) just because, let me repeat that again, just because they are born in that ethnic group and that ethnic group was, “so called”, the owner of the land.

Hence in Indonesia people demonstrated in front of Newmont and Freemont offices demanding money for their interest. In Malaysia, the so called owner of the county demands certain tax deduction, home and cars subsidy, special seats in higher education, etc. In Singapore, those who believe that they are the true citizen demands extra privileges for being citizen of the country.

I always feel that bumiputera privileges are absurd. First or all, none of us chose where and what ethnic we should be born. Since we cannot choose it, we also have no rights to demand that privileges.

Second is that nobody owns the land. The earth and all of its inside belongs to everyone. Does the master of the universe ever told you that the land where you were born was belong for you ? 

Third, the land and its contents are nothing until someone with good enough brain and skill comes out with brilliant idea of how to use it. So if that person becomes wealthy for pouring their effort changing nothing to something from your backyard, what is your contribution other than sitting there, doing nothing  and expecting getting paid ?  

Let there be justice !! Let those who sweat have their rewards !!


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