Nightmare on 8-4-2011

Just woke up, and had this Android phone on my hand. So just want to post the nightmare that I’ve been through for the last 4 hours I think.

I remember that I went to some vocation on some island, the room was simple, small, with double deck beds. I was sleeping below when I felt like huge quake strike in. I heard my neighbour stuffs falling over with huge crash voice. I tried to get away from the bed but I couldn’t. Then I was thinking that tsunami was going to strike soon. So I pushed my self very hard to get off from the bed. When finally I could get off from the bed, suddenly I realized that I was still in Singapore. Either that quake was real or not I haven’t know it yet. So I went to toilet and check my watch. It was 4am something, and I got 2 emails on this phone.

I went back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning  suddenly realized that it was not in my bed in Singapore. The room was smaller with yellowish walls, the bed made from hard wood bigger than mine. The neighbour, which I couldn’t recognized, told me that he was annoyed with the noises coming from my room. I told him that I would look into it, although I also wondered what was going on.

Then I think I went down to the car park, not sure for what reason. I saw all of the faces of unknown people. The cars were old, something like sedan in 90’s with boxed look. Then I woke up again in my bed in Singapore.

I tried to sleep back again. When I woke up, I ended in the small room again, with yellowish walls, and double deck beds. This time I was curious about the noises that the previous guy was talking about. I looked at the upper deck bed, and found nothing but pillows.

I felt very tired, and tried to sleep at the lower deck bed. Suddenly I felt like someone was holding my arms, more like judo locking, very tight. I tried to look who was that, but I couldn’t. Something was holding my neck’s movement. I struggled very hard until I could loose the grip on my hand and my neck.

I looked at my back, to the person who grab my hand. He, or she, was very small, pale skinned, very skinny until you can see his bones through, bald, and the scariest part was that he didn’t have a nose. It only looked like triangle hole on where the nose should be. He was totally looked like living skull.

I was trying to run away from him, when I heard him yell at me “you feed me”. That’s the point where I woke up.

What a nightmare..

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