Football Empathy

If you ever play football (ie. soccer), you’ll notice that there’s always three characters that sometimes comes up in the team.

The first one is the ‘show off’ guys. The tend to chase the ball all over the field, shoot whenever they have their chance, rarely pass the ball to others, ignore others help. The team means nothing to them, it’s their ego that matters most. Whenever the team wins, they’ll claim it because of their efforts, when it lost they’ll blame the team because they never help.

The second one is ‘mind your own area’ guys. They’ll play around area, being team player as good as they are, and that’s it. Don’t ask them to chase the ball that’s not in their area. Don’t ask them to pass the ball or shoot coz it’s not their duty anyway. Mind your own team function, and stay away from other’s problem. If the team wins, they’ll enjoy it. But if the team lost, they’ll say that ‘I’ve done my part as good as I am’, or ‘nobody told me I have to do this and that’ or ‘how I’m suppose to know what other team members need’. They’re basically a robot or a machine, good at doing certain things and lack of heart doing it.

The last one is the player with empathy. They watch the field, analyze the ball and enemy movement, be there in open space to provide supports, shoot if they have good chance, let others shoot if they have better chance than them. It’s the team that matters. If they win, they’ll win, if it lose, then they’ll blame it to no one except themselves. It takes empathy to understand what your team needs. So important is the empathy in a team, hence once in a world cup history, a team of extraordinary players lost because none of them ever understand the important of playing as a team.

So, do you need to tell others that it’s their fault coz they didn’t tell you what they need ? It’s their fault or it’s just you who never have any empathy of the others ?

Or put it in bluntly way : when you pointing the fault to others for not telling you what they need, you simply just too ignorant to put other’s necessity in your view. Such a selfish person are you..


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