City of Illusion

You wake up one day, and reading newspapers full with review of fine dining, exotic holidays, new fashion and economic progress news. All is good, and nothing but good news in newspapers, TV, and radio. The only bad news that you can get is some unlucky people who cannot find a job, of course, with the help of extra ordinary people, they now happy with their new job.

Not to say that I’m envy to other people happiness, but all looks like fake for me. It’s like being a dream, and knowing that I’m the only one who knows exactly that these are unreal. All the bad news has been removed, in order to keep people in happy state. All of anxiety has been covered up by good news that everything is under control. Yet more and more people believe it that it is real, and they willing to drown themselves into it.

I wish I could awake, see the world as the way it is. Not with some covered up news, nor filtered internet, nor mask that people put to make them look good.

Asleep I am, unconscious I am not..

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