Behind The Moore’s Law

What every electronic / embedded engineer should know…

It was 1965 when Intel’s co-founder Gordon E Moore predicted that the number of transistors in electronic design would be doubled every 18-months, while the cost of making the design reduced to half.

This caused a known electronic inventory problem: newer electronic stuff is getting cheaper and better compared to the old one, but we cannot sell older model higher than newer one. Hence, the electronic industry has evolve to produce just enough to fill the market demand, with minimum inventory (If you’ve seen newer iPhone, most probably the older one has been scrapped from manufacturing floor and nobody left with inventory to sell it to you). To suit this economic model, outsourcing companies are used (Foxconn producing Apple’s stuff, Flextronic produce Dell’s and HP’s stuff, etc).

For electronic / embedded engineers this also means that you wouldn’t last that long in your career. Unlike engineers in civil engineering, or lawyers, or doctors, or pharmacist that get more appreciation while they’re getting older, we are getting less and less appreciation if we are getting more and more experience.

To understand the logic, here’s a simple illustration. The next upcoming technology wouldn’t be that much different from the current one, but it’ll take time to understand it. Let’s just say that it takes 6-months to understand the new technology. Would you rather hiring 5-years experienced engineer to learn the new technology, or is it better to hire the freshmen with much lower salary and yet the same zero knowledge about the technology ?

I have a lot of colleagues who are switching the engineer job into managerial area. The one who hasn’t, started to get MBA degree to be able to apply for manager position. The one who still persisted to be an engineer complains at lunch..everyday =)

Anyway, for myself, I think after almost 6-years in service, I really think that being engineer is the call of my life. Therefore, I still reminded myself not to stop learning, coz when I stop, I’d fall. I wish God can read this one and blessed me so I can have 10-years experience as embedded system engineer =P


  1. Vinca

    Haha, Good Luck deh for achieving ten years experiencenya Dan.. 😀

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