Seeing Other’s Image on Mirror

I finally understand the message today’s group reading (Mark 7:1-8;14-15;21-23)

There are times, when I look at my self at the mirror, I wish I looked at a different person: a PhD holder, micro-electronics patent holder, and founder of the next ‘google’, not a technical support guy who got scolded by customers nearly everyday. I wish I were that guy.

Maybe it’s the same way that the Pharisees’ see. In their mind, the person who’s following God is always washing their hands properly and eating proper food. That is their image. It’s the same image that I have about Catholics: going to church every Sunday, going for everyday’s morning mass, going to rosary at least at May and September, going for penitence every month at least, going for novena, etc.

It fits my mind about being Catholic. Therefore, I’m trying to be that kind of person. I’m trying to fit in myself to my own Catholic image, yet I have lost the main truth: that God doesn’t count the appearance. I don’t think that He counts how many I have prayed or asked for penitence.

He only ask me, to stand as myself, to say ‘I love you Lord’ truly from my heart, not because that’s what Catholics are suppose to do, but because ‘I truly love You’.

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