It takes other’s eyes to see

True. I guess there are things that we cannot see using our own eyes.

Few days ago, I went to visit a customer with colleague from distributor, promoting NXP’s LPC313x, our latest ARM926EJ-S series (ok..I’m alike a marketing sales guy now..talking my own product every time everywhere..). During lunch time, we’re talking a lot of things, specially politics. Well, being older means you have to talk a lot about politics.

He told me that he was envy Indonesia, that have so many resources, land, oil, timber, water, sand, etc.Most Singaporeans must work hard everyday to survive, and when they get old, they unsure whether they money is enough for them to enjoy the rest of their life, unsure that their kid(s) want to keep them or send them to old people’s house. Indonesian life is different. At least with so many resources people can enjoy their current life, and retired happily.

I told him it was only in his dream. Although Indonesia has plenty of natural resources and wonders, more than plenty of Indonesian cannot afford to eat rice, having proper education, nor having house / land to life. All the money goes into those who are in the government and those who are linked to them.

So, he asked me back: “If you were the president, would you able to change that ?”. I laughed at that one.

So he told me back:

“Of course, I already knew that. If you want to give critics, everyone can do that. Even with the best government in the world, sure you got some critics one. No government in this world can satisfy every people in their country. In Singapore, with 5 millions citizen, government still got so many critics. How you would think a government with 250 millions people can satisfy all of them ? I’m sure Indonesian government has done a great effort to maintain the country. Otherwise the country is history since a long time”

Then, I stopped laughing and think: “Hey..yeah..Giving critics are so easy. Giving solutions are not”

Like I said, it takes someone’s eye to see our problem =)

  1. vinca

    krn itu aq ngga py cita2 jd presiden wkt kecil..XD

    ga da org yg ga pernah dikritik….itu hal yg hrs diterima kl mau hidup di dunia..hehe Sedari dulu kan teori lbh mudah dr pada prakteknya.

    kl menurutku tiap org jg hrs belajar untuk bs melihat masalah dr byk sudut sblm ngambil kesimpulan :)… melatih kebijaksanaan diri donk.. 😛

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