An old tale that I’ve heard from my friend:

There was once a shaman who never failed calling the rain. His colleagues were jealous, so they asked him a lot of questions, especially the details of the ritual that he used to call the rain. His answers were same all the time, “I dance day and night to call the rain”.

They never believed his story. They thought he hid something, so his success wouldn’t be copied by others. Many of them watched him secretly to see his work. However, the more they watched him, the more they began to wonder, because he did exactly what he said : “dance day and night to call the rain”. Many of his colleagues did not believe it, even though, they had seen it by their eyes. After all, they had also done the same thing for their entire life.

So, how could this man be so successful with the same method that they used ?

Until one day, one man suddenly realized his secret. Most of the shaman only danced day and night until the next week. Some shaman danced until 1 month, but this man danced day and night, until it rained.

So it was not the method that distinguish him, it’s his persistence that brought him the success.

Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks will receive, and anyone who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to those who knock.

Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor; the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.

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