What is faith ?

A friend told me that it is impossible to have faith in God truly, and released everything that you have to believe in God (in extreme case just sit down, and believe that God will take care of you).

I have to say I disagree with that but I couldn’t find the right words to express it. So, given more time, I think this is my argument against the statement.

I think the statement “to have faith in God truly” should not be articulated as an obligation. “To have faith to God truly” is not a work that Christian should do. It’s a result of what we have with God: relationship. We, Christian, are madly in love with God (or suppose to be that way =P). We work very hard to keep our relationship close. Hence, we can put our trust, our faith, in Him.

This is not new to us. There are so many times when we’re falling in love with other person, where we just blindly believe to what he/she says. It’s irrational, yes, but that’s love all about: being irrational, being emotional, and happy with it =)

Regarding keeping our own plan,  we should not see it as doesn’t put our faith truly to God. We should see that we keep, build, and ask our plan for God’s purpose: serving Him. We’re in love with Him, so we build plans (and more backup plans) in order not to disappoint our love ones.

God knows this, because He’s in love with us too. He has more faith in us, than we have faith in Him. Hence, I am sure that He will be very happy to see us grow, making new plans to make Him happy.

So, in short, my point is it’s never been wrong to have your own plan (oppose to have everything decided by God), as long as you know the main purpose of your plan.

  1. rioseto

    Agree, you are on the right track Sir, I am with you…

  2. vinca

    Jd cinta pd Tuhan, termasuk rational or irrational Dan ? kan km tulis that’s love all about: being irrational, being emotional, and happy with it 🙂

    • Cinta rasional : Ada duit abang sayang, ga ada duit abang melayang…hehehe…Iyalah, kalo cinta dirasionalkan kan jadi perlu ada alasan untuk jatuh cinta (liat deh ke definisi rasional di http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rationality)

      Padahal banyak orang bisa jatuh cinta, walaupun tampang pacar ga cakep, penghasilan pas-pasan, ga punya ini-itu, dsb-nya..Cuma cinta karena you are you..titik..

      Ga rasional kan ? Tapi bisa mencintai itu anugerah, bisa merasakan true love..bukan cinta karena pengin ini-itu dari orang lain. Karena itu orang-orang tetap happy biarpun dibilang irasional, ga masuk akal, lost your mind.

      In short, mana ada yang namanya cinta rasional =P

      • vinca

        ada replynya toh? br tau hehe 😛

        Aku ngga peduli arti rasional menurut wikipedia or perhaps menurut wiki2 lainnya…haha, sorry Dan XP

        Intinya, menurutku cinta itu memberi tanpa pamrih. Dan itu hal yg rasional, krn mmg harus bgt ( spt memaksa hahaha 😛 ). Mencintai itu masalah kebutuhan dan kesadaran bahwa dgn mencintai itu keegoisan kita berkurang (pastinya happylah hehe). Kl keegoisan meningkat jdnya kan serakah, habis itu ngga bakalan pernah puas, plus masih byk sifat buruk yg bakalan nongol buntut2nya…

        Jd cinta pada Tuhan haruslah rasional. Krn kesadaran akan kesediaan kita untuk memberi.

        Kalo ada duit abang sayang, ga ada duit abang melayang, itu mah aku masukin ke kategori keegoisan tingkat tinggi krn takut hidup sengsara. Lagian konsep cinta antar lawan jenis tll kompleks, udah bercampur baur dgn byk kondisi batin/perasaan yg trus didefinisikan artinya jd cinta. Kl bener2 cinta, penolakan hrsnya ngga bikin sakit hati 😛

  3. callighan

    I think that your conception of God is that God is humanistic in nature, and thus has feelings. And the relationship between the worshiper and the worshiped has the characteristics of a relationship between humans or humans and other living beings.

    But what if God, this deity that us humans worship is an all encompassing invisible matter which is actuality is a man made construct?

    Despite that rhetoric, I do agree that God exist and somehow loves us. 🙂

    Perhaps the icky thing about God which I believe to be true is that God doesn’t have a full set plan. Just a myriad of possibilities in a sea of fates.

    And as you have said that faith is love and love is irrational, I tend to agree with the immediate conclusion that faith is irrational. There’s no rationalizing faith, as there’s no computing it. But nevertheless, we as humans have that one inherent, debilitating, hyperreal, and jubilant disease that is faith. But to be free from it completely would make us inhuman. And most ironically, to be completely free from lack of faith, would also make us inhuman as well.

    In any case, I love the musing. I love the arguments.

    • I believe that God created human according to His image.

      More over, He had come walking in our history in human form, showing Himself that He’s more than just abstract stuff that philosophers could imagine, and care about us more than anything.

      God doesn’t have full set of plan ? Perhaps He would like us to discuss with Him, rather than decide everything by Himself.

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