Continuing My Life

First of all, thanks for all of my friends who supports me all the time. This is what happened after the last post.

I got no salary, and everyday I kept sending emails applying for the new job. Back two months ago, getting a new job seems like impossible. Malaysia obviously close down all new application for work permit, Indonesia I’m not sure what I should do there, and Singapore was the only sensible choice to continue my life as embedded system engineer, but they were having big problem too, but I guess God still take care of me.

I think around 3rd week of February 2009, I got phone interview for NXP Singapore. Not bad, but it wasn’t very promising. Not until I got the notice at 1st  March from Uniconnect that NXP is willing to offer me the job. So, during the first week of March, right after I got the phone call offering , I was very busy with copying and scanning the documents to be sent to Singapore.

At March 4th, Uniconnect applied the employment pass for me. They said after 2 weeks, I should receive my pass and started to work at NXP at March 16th. So, I prepared the tickets and asking my friend in Singapore to help me with the accomodation (I asked him whether I could stay in his place for 2 weeks).

On March 11th, I finally resigned from WP. Finally..all my troubles will leave me behind, but they didn’t want to make it easy for me. So, just at that March 11th, they asked me to come at the evening to dismiss my Malaysian working permit and close my tax account.

I thought that was very ridiculous. They didn’t pay me for almost 2 months, then my visa is revoked, so how do I get my unpaid salary then ? But they threaten me to block my passport from entering Malaysia if I wouldn’t do it. The worst for me was my ticket to Singapore is for Thu March 12th 11.00 AM, and they called me at Wed 11th 15.00. It was very obvious that I wouldn’t make it on time to cancel my visa, close my tax account, and went to Singapore.

So, I lost RM45 ticket, buy new ticket for Sat March 14th (another RM45), spend more money to go to immigration office at  Putrajaya (coz they don’t want to help me)  all by myself, and hoping that everything could be finished before Fri 15th (coz I have to work at Mon 16th). That was the time when I was very very depressed. I just hope that these people at WP die tragically.

On Thu 12th, I went to immigration office at Putrajaya, revoked my visa, and they gave me extra visit visa until my ticket deadline (means I could stay in Malaysia until Sat March 14th). The next day, I went to tax office closing down my tax account. The lady said that they need to calculate my staying at Malaysia before they can close my tax account, so I couldn’t close it that Friday 13th, while I have to leave Malaysia Sat 14th (or I’d be in jail for overstaying).

That was idiot. I called Ruslan, he said WP will take care of it (I don’t really believe it), but I was out of time so there’s nothing else that I could do.

On Sat March 14th 2009, I left Malaysia, and felt very very sorry for been there, working the fullest of my life for idiots who never appreciate me or my work.

But the bright side is that I got new friends and adventures. I just hope I would have the same thing here in Singapore.

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