No More Salary Starting This Month

So, it’s finally official, Wireless People Sdn Bhd could not afford to pay my salary (and the salaries of the people who work here, including paying telephone bill, internet bill, office rent, water bill, electric bill and so on) starting from this month.

What do they say about this ? They only sent 1 SMS to my colleague that there’d be no salary this month, until they got our clients paid our work, or we got some idiot investors who wanted to dump their money to this garbage company, or we got shark loan who wanted to chop Ruslan cs head..hehehe..They’re so coward, hiding from everyone, not answering emails, SMS, phone calls..only dare to send SMS just to one fellow here.

If someone read this, I’m pretty sure they think  I have no gratitude for my boss who has paid me. Well, here’s a clue. My boss has bought laptops (yeah right for each of his kids), played golf in Jakarta – Bandung – Phuket, earned paid holiday to his kampong, earned free top up and Touch ‘n Go each months..all using company’s money (which is not his, btw.. The money belongs to MAVCAP, Malaysian Venture Capital). And what did he get for us ? Nothing !!

Most of my work here is earned by previous boss, who had being kicked by Ruslan cs 2 years ago. So, practically these bastards are here just to suck WP’s money. Worse than all, he didn’t want to meet with our clients too. Hence, our clients seem like taking these opportunities to push a lot work to us. We have to work saturday, sunday, 9.00 AM – 2.00 AM so our clients can say to us: it’s unlike my taste, so I don’t like to pay you.

What did our beloved boss said to us ? He called our web developer and said that his work sucks. Imagine that: you’ve worked for weekends, dawn until the next dawn, only to get scold by your boss who didn’t even listen your explanation. (Our client was previously asking him to display the data in HTML tables, suddenly he likes the display better in flash, and told my boss that our work is sucks).

No wonder nobody’s like to work here. Smart malaysian who come here will fly away in the next 2-weeks or 2-months (there’s been 5 or 6 of them if I’m not mistaken), while idiot foreigner, like me, has to stay for 2-years or my work is not acknowledged in my own country. Yet, the worst part is about to come, since this stupid crisis, I cannot find another job around

Anyway, I just want to be optimist. Since there’s no more job and salary, I just hope my plan A works before 29th May 2009. We’ll see..


  1. Leo

    so how are you doing right now? is all ok?

  2. everything is gonna be ok. some says

  3. callighan

    There’s two types of cunts; the actual biological organ, and the type of people whom your boss is categorized in.
    The first one is definitely pleasing. And the second one is not.
    But one thing those two have in common, is that both are good to f**k with.

    Get the drift?

    If somebody gives you their bottom, you give ’em your finger.
    You could also give the finger to failure, too.

    Much success for your plan A!

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