No Man Is An Island

What our neighbour means to us ? Well, thanks to those people who talk to us daily, we become us, human.

Imagine if nobody speak or listen to you for 13-years of your life. Imagine if your life is about getting food and drink, sleep, and do toilet stuff for 13-years. What your life would be ?

This is BBC documentary of true story of a girl, code named Genie to protect her true identity, who locked up in a small room for 13-years.

Part 1: Genie (Deprived Child)

Part 2: Genie (Deprived Child)

Part 3: Genie (Deprived Child)

Part 4: Genie (Deprived Child)

Part 5: Genie (Deprived Child)

Part 6: Genie (Deprived Child)

In the end of the story, my conclusion is that you need other human to develop your human side.

  1. when i blog walking, i got this interesting blog..i would like to say salam kenal…

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