Wawancara kocak

Yah..beginilah kalo gugup menyerang saat wawancara via telepon..

Interviewer> What language you’re good at ?
Kunil> I’m best in Indonesian. English is my secondary language.
Interviewer> No..I mean, your programming language. What programming language that you’re good at ?
Kunil> Oow..

But that’s not the end..Here’s an example how my brain was temporarily disconnected:

Interviewer> So..what kind of MPU (Micro-Processor Unit) that you have worked with ?
Kunil> Err..I’m embedded engineer, and I worked both in software side and hardware/electrical side

Well..At least I relieve that I was not selected because they wanted someone with 6-years experience in C++/UML/OODA and ARM, not because I looked like an idiot (although I admit sometimes I am).

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