Obama: Stumbled on Indonesian Citizenship

I was browsing wordpress’ tag when I saw this post. Wow..So Obama also have Indonesian citizenship ? How come nobody told me before ? But later on, after I read it couple of times, I finally got the mistake of the post. It seems like there’s a different view about citizenship concept.

The post assuming that Indonesian citizenship last forever, and you can also have dual citizenship, plus dual passport. But that’s not how the Indonesian citizenship works here.

Here’s the citizenship according to Indonesian law (refer to Undang-Undang RI 12/2006). If you cannot read it, here’s a summary of it:

  • No dual citizenship

If you obtain other citizenship, either voluntarily or given by the country, and you did not release/reject it, you will lose your Indonesian citizenship (automatically without a notice or a court).

  • Involves in foreign military services

Unless you have Indonesian president’s permission, you cannot join any of military services other than Indonesian military (voluntarily or not). Doing so, will makes you lose your citizenship (again..automatically without notice or a court).

  • Being abroad of Indonesia for 5-years consecutively, and not reporting to the nearest Indonesian embassy that you want to continue your Indonesian citizenship

Again..you wil lose your citizenship automatically (without a notice or a court).


I don’t think that Obama is Indonesian citizen (or he was, when he was here..but not now). Anyway, you can read and translate the rest of the law using google translator (it supports Indonesian language..I hope).

  1. Sami

    Just wanted to send a cheery hello from America — I saw your post about Obama’s Indonesian citizenship, followed to this website, and found you to be young and excited about your life.

    I’m a lot older in years than you, but still wanted to reach across the many miles to say Hello.


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