Facing My Fear

I have predicted this for so long time, that the company will collapse (here, here, here, here, and here). Now, everything is about to happen in two weeks.

I would call it as perfect storm.

First of all, the company’s cash is not enough to pay the whole employee salaries (and not enough to pay the office rent, telephone, and electricity bill) for this month. Our investors decided not to inject more money into the company (which makes our financial problem bigger). But the nastiest one is that we have two projects that can save us for another 4-months, IF (if and only if) we can finish those projects IN TIME.

The first project is the CSL penang bridge monitoring website. The project is difficult to be finished on time because people (both CSL and our management) don’t have commitment to finish this project. This project has hanged for 9-months or more, and yet we haven’t seen any sign of completion yet.

The second project, agricultural monitoring with MARDI, is also halted. The radio is stucked in the custom and SIRIM (Malaysian FCC). We need money to certify and get it out from there. The second problem is that we dont have enough money to produce and assemble the PCB (we don’t even have money to pay the salaries, right). The third problem is we need field testing (involves with a lot of out of office work, travelling to the site, etc) which need money too.

But the best part is that the money that we get from this project is actually can never recover the cost of this project. The management idea was to charge them as low as possible, and pay the rest of the money for this project using our investor’s money..It never happened. I guess they (our investors) already knew the plan before they inject new investment on us =)

Anyway, since everything has happened, I feel relief =)

Now, it is time to seek a new future, to fulfill the plan that I have made. It’s about time to prove to Anita that your expectation won’t kill you.

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