LCD Thin Client PC (Indonesian version)

Everyone complain why Indonesian can not make any technological products. Well, I suppose that’s not 100% true.

Take a look for this thin client PC, made by my friends in Manufel (Manufaktur Elektronik Lab), in PAU-ME ITB in co-operation with a Taiwan company.

Logiterm LCD

Logiterm LCD

For your information, the PC is actually inside the LCD monitor. The USB, LAN, VGA, speaker out, mic in connector is in the bottom of the LCD monitor (I didn’t take the picture, when I visited them). In the left side of the picture, is the first generation of the LCD PC. It’s just a prototype, and never enter the market. The second generation (on the right side) is the one that is currently being sold.

As far as I know, both the taiwan company and the lab has collaborated funding a company to market this product in Indonesia. They are in the early stage, still busy with the whole administration stuffs (and they dont sell in small quantity for this moment).

If you are interested in distributing this stuff, please let me know (you can contact me in kunilkuda_at_gmail_dot_com).

Here’s the flyer that they gave to me (click for larger size):

Logiterm LCD PC

Logiterm LCD PC

  1. ahmad

    Pak ada contact person-nya gak ?
    Saya coba masuk ke website-nya seperti tidak ada tuh ?

  2. Udah dijawab via personal message.

  3. fanioz

    saya tertarik tuh bwt warnet.
    iya ya.. http://www.ikonus. kq error ?
    contact siapa ni ?

  4. Sorry sorry belum bisa online karena masi tersandung urusan ijin domain *

    Kontak saya fwd japri deh.


  5. anantarozi

    pak, tolong kasih saya pricelist nya,

    kunilkuda: Replied privately. Udah dibalas via japri

  6. bos, mau tanya nih. klo pake RDP, berarti server harus di install
    windows server dunk, kan muaahhhaaalll banget bos.. bisa gak klo servernya cuman di installin windows home aja, kayak klo kita pakai winconnect server XPnya thinsoft bos
    atau servernya di installin apa tuh bos…
    saya mau jajal dan distribusiin deh
    saya selama ini udah jualin NComputing banyak bos, dan juga udah pake di warnet saya, dan gak ada masalah
    klo di sekolahan2 disini saya bikin lab dengan menggunakan sistem Thin Clientnya betwin
    (sorry URL yg diatas salah ini yg bener)

  7. msdn

    kirim info dan price donk mas,berikut gambarnya sekalian. trims.

  8. Danial

    Hy, sy tertarik untuk penggunaan di warnet, untuk info lebih sy harus gmn?


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