Rationalizing your moral (not)

Until a few years ago, I was very confident about rationalizing my moral. I did things that was reasonable, objective, unbiased and logically make sense. If what I was doing did not fulfill these criteria, then I would stop it. That was my moral compass, a guidance to judge my act.

A few years back, I felt like there was something wrong with that concept.

I started with the film that changed me: “The Schindler’s List”. I bet, I was not the only one who believes that the greatness of our lives come if we can rationalize our minds. So, did Nazi. They exterminated disabled persons, kids, and people that could not fulfill their criteria of “super human race”.

Logically, it makes sense. Why would a country (or society) help the disabled persons ? They are burden to us and burden to our economy. Putting them into gas chambers and burn their bodies is very logical. But somehow, it doesn’t suit myself. I understand that it is very logical (throwing garbage to trash can is always logical…But putting people to death because they are useless seem like very cruel..very immoral..inhuman).

My second though about not rationalizing my moral came from my job. I work daily with computers. I felt like, even though computers are 10 or 1000 times more objective, more reasonable than me, they are not even greater than me. They are “dead”, while I am not, even though I cannot make a very objective decision like them.

So, my conclusion is that you cannot use logical moral as your guidance. You’re human, not computers. Putting yourself under logical guidance makes you like a robot, “a dead” things.

  1. deuh…bikin lagi posting baru nil..rationalizing your love 😀

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