Is God There ?

Is He truly exist? Could I depend my life on someone that I have never seen before in my entire life ?

A year ago, I was involved in discussion whether God was truly exist or it was just human race’s imagination. It seemed like my opposite had very good argument.

God is there because of our fears. We have fear to lose our life, our loves one, our wealth, etc. That’s why we create God. God is a symbol of hope to us. But being a symbol doesn’t bring God to life. Or in a shorter words, if you can handle your fears and/or if your life is perfectly fine, you won’t need God. God is our illusion.

It seems like a very reasonable (and objective) argument.

But lately I also notice that the argument has a weakness. They forgot to mention that human has tendency to neglect the value of the abundant things. Let’s take a look at water, for example.

If you never lived in Saharan countries, Nias island, Singapore, or Tokyo, you won’t appreciate water very much. Water is all around us. Yet, it is also very important to us, since we will die in three days without it. But how many of you that think, we need to save the water (preserve its source, assure our waste dont pollute our water, dont throw your cell phone batteries to the ditch, etc) ? Albeit almost none.

Maybe, that’s the same thing that happens to God. Maybe He is there, everywhere. Thus, because His mercy is so abundant, we neglect it. We only feel it, once we got ourselves into trouble, like those people who never appreciate water, until they lack of it.

IMO, God is there. But you won’t see Him, until you seek the truth.

  1. enggaklah nil, cukup ngelihat doank kok…gak usah nyari2 lagi.

  2. ivanky

    ga usah ngeliat kok ko
    God itu kaya ac di suhu yang panas, ga bisa diliat tapi ada epek nya

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