Free Subversion Hosting

Yup..It seems like Indonesian is catching with the FREE BLOG hosting trend, even though we skipped the free website era. There are several Indonesian-based blog hostings right now: BlogDetik, DagDigDug, and, if my friend uwiuw really serious about his free blog hosting project, we’ll have another one really soon. But the thing that I don’t get it is that nobody seems targeting subversion (or other version control system) hosting yet.

IMO, version control system is very crucial for software developers. Most of us (I mean the professional ones..Not kids that are able to program) have our own version control server in our office. But it doesn’t mean that we’re happy with it.

Maintaining your own version control system is very tiring, especially if you don’t get paid for it. You have to create the cron job to backup it every Friday evening. Backup the backup into DVD every one month. Plus, if there’s something wrong with the server, you have to reload the backup again. Thus, if you have junior member in the office, you need to check the repository for garbage that he/she accidentally check into the repository. Pff..**it’s a hard work for lazy guy like me**

Luckily, some companies are nice (or at least trying to be nice) by providing free subversion hosting. Check out unfuddle, assembla, and devjavu.

I think they’ve been there for several years by now, and they’re going to last for a long time. Since the member of software developer teams become smaller and smaller, they will need extra cheap resource to maintain the infrastructure and these service providers really give them what they want.

So, will Indonesian have something like this, or should I forget about it ?

  1. Ayo buat nil, gue dukung deh :p

  2. @Koko
    Kalo gw ngerti cara mainnya free hosting (gimana cara dapatin duit untuk sustain the service, dan tetap gratis), gw bakal bikin deh..

  3. We’re not free, but we are very cheap. . . take a look at ProjectLocker ( when you get a chance. We have plans as low as $2.50/US per month annualized, with more space and features than many of our competitors.

  4. @Brown
    Thanks for the info. Will look at it for sure.

  5. Have a look at as well. You get 300MB for free, and you’re allowed to use it for anything really – closed, or even open source apps.

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