Solve the problem, not push it somewhere else

This is one of my personal experience. The hardware, that was supposed to be deployed in customer’s site, was troubled. As the fix, they wanted me to change the software — as many people still believes the software is soft.

Changing the software is not a problem. But if you want to change it as soon as possible, that’s a real problem.

Making deploy-able/production-class software is difficult. You have to test it thousands of times. You have to set up testing system. You have to create other software to test the changes. You need to have code review to make sure the changes don’t affect other modules. Because of those problems, you cannot make the change as soon as possible, especially if your hardware configuration is changed.

If you think that changing the software will eliminate the hardware problem easily and fastly, you’re in big trouble. The problem is never ever disappears fastly just by moving them into software changes. The problem is always there, waiting to be solved (either in hardware or software fix) and both needs time.


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