Selling my soul

The part of my life, that I hate so much, is when I have to sell my soul to nothing. It’s the time when I do nothing in the company, for one or other reasons.

I want to complain, but, of course, the manager usually will say: “But you’ve been paid. So, what’s wrong with doing nothing ?”. Of course there’s nothing wrong with being paid. The wrong part is when you do nothing.

Is there anyone in this world that’s willing to be paid to be nothing ?? C’mon. We all live just for a moment. Can you say that your precious time, the only thing that you cannot take it back, worth some money and “be nothing” ?

All life has its purposes, and I truly believe that our purpose fulfilled with what we do everyday. Or in other word, our life defined by our work.

God, I hope You give mercy on me. Please end my misery as soon as possible.

  1. jarwadi

    Its simple writing but really inspiring me. We could sell our hand but not our heart. Meaning is intersection between so many aspect of humanity that lived in from all at the beginning

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