Laughing energy crisis

Just yesterday, Malaysia started to increase its petrol price. Some people are very furious about it. Others are trying to be optimistic (how do you categorize this article ??).

But being Indonesian, a part of a country which governed by ‘orang bingung’, taught me one thing: If you cannot change it, just laugh about it =)

So, here’s some comics from Indonesia about energy crisis:

Ironman without petrol

If you like the comics, don’t forget to visit the author.


  • “Orang bingung” : confused people
  • “Di suatu sore” : evening
  • SPBU (Stasiun Pengisian Bahan Bakar Umum) : Petrol station
  • “Bensin habis” : Petrol is empty
  • “Bang, berat nih. Ongkosnya nambah ya ?” : Sir, it’s heavy. Please add more fare ok ? (Indonesian usually negotiate with the driver about the fare before riding it. Body weight usually is not counted as additional fare surcharge, unless you are really really overweight).
  • “Sembako murah? Biaya sekolah gratis?” : Cheap dairy needs? Free school?
  • “Apa?? Harga BBM turun? Gaji-gaji naik?” : What ? Petrol price going down ? Salaries increased ?
  • “Nggak bisa dipercaya!! Ini pasti mimpi” : Unbelieveable! This gotta be a dream !!

  1. i think i know this comic..


    thanks bro…

    makasih ya udah pake komik saya buat postingannya…

    silakan sering2 mampir dan baagi2 ide juga oke..
    pokoknya welcome deh..

  2. mas, ada YM nggak?
    biar kapan2 bisa ngobrol
    add saya ya,

    id Ym : lordbikerz

  3. Hi Zeta,

    Thx a lot for the permission..I hope you’ll create funnier comics in your blog.

    Btw, kepikiran untuk mencetak komik lu di T-Shirt ga ? Lucu lo..

  4. nur

    oalah indonesia indonesia …. indonesia indonesia
    koq kaya agus
    Ya gitu indonesia, koq kaya belum tau?

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