Honouring other people

This post is my response to this article.

I think the writer missed out one very important thing: we were born with different talents. Some people have more gift in one field, while others don’t. I, for example, have gift in computer / embedded field, but very weak in relationship (especially when it is related to woman). This makes us depend on each others, like the old saying: no man is an island.

However, any talent that you have should not be the main reason to dishonour people. Just because some people don’t understand how the insurance works, or how the PC network works, you could not simply saying that they are stupid.

From my experiences, I saw that so many consultants (who called them self as experts in their field) failed to show their expertise because they didn’t want to listen the dumb customer’s opinion. Sure, our customers don’t have that much expertise as us, but it doesn’t mean that they are stupid. They have some concerns about their business that make them doing those unrelated things in our eyes. And it is supposed to be our jobs to understand them and their problem, not the otherwise.

Lastly, as professional and honoured people, it is very important to do our job ethically. Our customers may not understand 100% about what we are doing for them, but we should not use that chance for our purpose.

I know that it is easier to say than doing it. But it is our life, and our challenge as professional. If you don’t earn much money when doing things ethically, keep your head up and be proud of it. You may be the rarest professional gem that people are looking everywhere. Be ready when they are lined up in your front door.

  1. Hello Kunil.
    Thanks for the response for my article 🙂

    Yeah, actually I made the article just for fun. But it’s ok to view this topic as
    a serious stuff.

    I agree with you that we should not simply judge someone who does not know about something as a stupid guy. But actually I write the article using the perspective of the professional himself.

    In the perspective of, for example, a consultant, sometimes they think that “my clients are stupid, so I can get the role as their think tank, and my business can be continued”. The clients are not stupid actually. Maybe if you check their transcript, maybe their GPA are greater than 3,5. They just don’t want to involve too deeply in the field which is not their part. But in the field they don’t master, they can be categorized as “stupid”. With this way of thinking, the consultant concludes that he has an opportunity to continue his business, by getting the rule as the consultant for the client 🙂

    You are in Malaysia. I don’t know whether you have ever worked in Indonesia, not in an established company, but in the growing one. You will find some people who have the way of thinking like that 🙂


  2. Kunil said:

    “I saw that so many consultants failed to show their expertise because they didn’t want to listen the dumb customer’s opinion.”


    We have to frame that remark and distribute it for free to professionals.

    Last year, I was already suffering from Diabetes without knowing what was happening to me.

    I went to see a Doctor who is a medically trained Specialist. I explained to him in detail what my body felt. And guess what?

    He prescribed a dosage of Antibiotics and some cream. That’s it.

    I went on my usual for the next three days, eating and drinking Coca-Cola (my favourite) till I could not bear the effects of Diabetes.

    I went to see another Doctor as I had finished the course of medicines. I have known this Doctor for several years. Hardly had I finished describing what was ailing me, he said tersely: “You have contracted Diabetes.”


    And thanks for having visited my Blog!

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