Almost there….

I was almost there..I swear I was almost there, if only my brain didn’t hang for a while..

Sunday 1 June 2008 evening, Kinokuya bookstore, Suria KLCC

Kunil : Hi. I’m sorry. Do you work here ?

Pretty bookstore waitress : Hi. Yes. Why ?

Kunil : (encouraging myself)..Hmmm…Do you know where can I find manga ? (what the hell that I was saying…)

Pretty bookstore waitress : Yes of course. It’ll be at that side (pointing)

Kunil : (hey man..that’s not why you ask her)…(confused..don’t know what else to talk about) Err..I mean how do I create my own manga ? Not the manga itself. (c’mon ask her name..before it’s too late)..

Pretty bookstore waitress : (confused) Hold on Sir. I’ll check with my friend. Please follow me (guide me towards the information desk)

Pretty bookstore waitress : (talk with her friend..type at the again with her friend)

Kunil : (cold sweat-ed..cannot think blood rushed out towards my face, but not into my brain)

Pretty bookstore waitress : Sir, I think the book is located on the second floor. You can go there and ask the information counter over there.

Kunil : (totally blank..need hard reset before I could talk)…(hard reset done..ask her name)….(1..2…3.. I can’t)..Thank you..(totally embarrassed..looking for exit door..walking towards exit door).

Pretty bookstore waitress : Err..Sir ? The stairway to the second floor is on this way (pointing to the opposite of my direction)

Kunil : Yes of course..(couldn’t think anything about it)..Thank you..(arrgh..)

End of the story

Ok. That’s pretty stupid. I think, I could (and should) improvise it like this:

Kunil : Btw, may I know your phone number ?

Pretty bookstore waitress (most predictable answer) : Why ?

Kunil : In case I’m lost in the second floor, can I ask you for help ?

If she hesitate to give the number or give any negative response, it’s the end of the game. Otherwise, I should ask her name:

Kunil : What should I call you ? My name is Daniel..


And that’s the end of the procedure

  1. Does anyone ever realize that these things are very similar to social engineering ?

  2. Do or do not, young Skywalker..there’s no try..

  3. eric dj

    hahahahaha please publish more tricks..

    • Ivan

      huahahaha! this is joke of the day!!! I know one ultimate solution for you: a watchdog to reset your brain! So bring along your friend to bark whenever you visit that bookstore again!

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