Experienced and Not-So Experienced Programmer

How do you differentiate them? If you’re going to interview them, ask these questions:

  • Have you maintain other people’s program? What’s the difficulties that you have for doing it ?
  • What kind of versioning system that you use before ?

This is the rationale for these questions.

It’s unlike popular beliefs that only experienced programmer that can create good programs. All programmers actually CAN create good programs.

However, the thing that differentiate veterans and greenies are veterans CAN MAINTAIN old program, greenies don’t. Greenies tend to create new program(s) to replace old programs. Remember this golden word: “Creating is easier than maintaining”.

If you think that the old program was rubbish, maybe it’s ok to replace it. Bur for most of the companies, that I know, the old program is considered as part of their investments. Therefore, replacing old program(s) is a big no-no.

The second question refers to their ability to cooperate. Cooperate programming is very difficult. Without versioning system, it is almost impossible. Most programmer that never use versioning system usually never create/maintain complex software, or programs that need to be maintained for years, or work with other programmers. Simply saying that they’re not professional software engineer.

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