To Move or Not To Move

This is m first writing in the new year, with some suprises of course.

First of all, I got my salary increased..(yeea), and the CEO begged me to stay. It’s the good news. Plus, I’ve got the whole software division under my control.

The bad news is that one of my colleague leaving the company. He got better offer in other company. We’ll miss him much I guess, since he’s very good in his job and has assisted us a lot.

The second bad news (well maybe not so good news) is that this is gonna be the point-of-change year to the company. Starting from this year, our sponsor (MAVCAP – Malaysian Venture Capital) stop injecting funds into the company. As the result, we must get income at very least equal to that we spend (or I can say bye-bye to Malaysia).

From CEO’s plan, we will have very good project that’s enough to fulfill our needs for this year and the next years (Of course, still in plan, and may be changed). Otherwise, the other plan is to sell the company to other owner (with MAVCAP approval of course). The point is, he’s guaranting that this will not be the company’s last year. Pretty impressive for me.

So, my choice is : to stay or not to stay.

Reason to stay:

  • I could be hero

That’s true. We have so much difficulties to attract talented people (because most of them doesn’t like to work in small company). Plus, with the current human resource, I don’t think the company will survive without me. So, if I stay, work at my best, and make this company big…I could be hero here. It’s my life achievement that I will tell to my kids when I’m old. It’s definitely cannot be measured by money.

  • I could see successful company raised from the dead.

I’ve seen and experienced small companies collapsed. But I’ve read thousands small companies become billionaire. Maybe this is my chance to see how small company become billionaire. In the end, even if the company collapsed, I could learn a lot from its experience.

Reason to leave:

  • Better experience

I’ve experienced a lot of small companies falling, but I haven’t experience of how to work in stable companies. I’m wondering how do they manage everything, what makes them different from small companies, how do they survive. It’s the point that I lack until this day.

To be a winner, you need to think and act like a winner. That’s my motto.

  • Adventure

What it feels like to live in different part of the world ? I’ve experienced two countries, but I want to see more. I don’t know why, I just think that I should do it.

So, which way that I choose ? Until this day, 80% of me choose to stay, the rest choose to leave. Maybe it will change later, when my contract ended this July.


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