Game That My Ex-Boss Played : Cash Cow

This will violate my asian commitment of not talking about one’s bad side. But, this might be an example of how not to be a boss, that’s being hated by your employee.

I was working somewhere in Bali, for an outsourcing company. My boss was the one who got the deal with U.S. based company. So, he led the team, but the contract was not the only thing that my boss got. He built another company, using the money that he got from the contract (which was legal, since it was his own money share).

He’s a good guy. It’s true. But I didn’t like what he did on my team. My boss seemed like being attached too much to the other team. He spent so much effort (time and money) to the team that was built on the money that he got from my team.

He was rarely be on my team as the leader, which was suppose to be his job (he was paid to do that). He’s only job was come in the morning, checked emails, and distributed the jobs to the rest of the team. After that, he was gone until evening. In the evening, he would come to the office to gather my team’s work.

I never mind with that. The thing that bothers me is that he never thought about the team’s future. He was simply didn’t care. I’ve been asking about this several times (and the rest of the team did the same thing too) during my two-years career there.

He’s answer was simple :

  1. It was God’s fate whether the team would success or not
  2. It wasn’t his decision to move the team
  3. It was the U.S. company that didn’t want the team to move up
  4. It supposed to be the team’s job to decide where the team should move (no kidding…so why should I follow his direction, if I’m the one who should think where I should go ??? ).

I tried to play along with his game. During my years in the company, I proposed several alternatives to move the company. I’ve even contacted his boss in U.S. about my plans. The result was : BIG ZERO..All of my plans rejected, both from U.S. and him.

At the end, I felt like being cheated. I was the one who’s working very hard in the team, but other than salary, I have nothing at all. I did the same boring job years, with excellency, in hope that I can help the team achieve success. Yet, if the contract was terminated, I was the one who sufferred much.

As conclusion, the team was not worth fighthing for. My efforts was gone in vain. It wouldn’t matter whether I could do more than this or not, the fact was my boss (and the upper management) didn’t want to make the team success..So, how could I make the team successful ???

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