Where Should I Go from Here ?

After some talk at lunch yesterday, I agree with my colleague, I don’t think with this kind of condition WP (wireless-people) would last for long time. Or should I say, this is most likely to be my first year and the last one in Malaysia. Too pesimistic though, at least it’s too early to say so. But we should always prepare for the worst.

So the next question was : what would you do if WP failed ? My colleague looked like had a plan already. He said he wanted to open up new company selling and design embedded PC for industrial application. He’s been working on his ARM boards for at least this two months, I think.

But, I’ve been there. I was thinking the same questions before : if I could make cheaper embedded PC, would it lead to my company’s success ? I guess not. Since the OLPC boom, most of board producers are making smaller PCs for multimedia applications or OLPC compatible (If I’m not mistaken, the jargon is UMPC/Ultra Mobile PC..such as Via’s NanoBook). It’s going to be a price war soon. Besides, since 32-bits PCs are easier to design than ever before, what’s the barrier that I can use to block other competitors ?

So, here I am again, with empty minds looking the way that I should follow.

Actually, I still have some crazy ideas in my head. But I’m not sure whether I can live with it or not. Here’s some of them :

  • Games and Multimedia software

The problem is these area is not mine. I’m more familiar with real-time systems than programming moving animation(though I admit that it’s quite interesting challenge).

  • CAD (For electronic design and simulation)

This one looks promising, but it’s far from what I have now.
3) Fleet management
Interesting, since there’s a lot of Indonesian company that works in goods distribution area. But the players in this field are mature enough to kick new competitors.

  • Instrumentation

Recent ideas that I got. Haven’t explore it yet. The interesting point is that every company (manufacturing / design) always need it. But instrumentation is very wide. There’s electronic area (oscilloscope/logic analyzer), computer network area, industrial area or …. bio-technology area (if it’s sound crazy enough..well it’s me anyway).

So, what instrumentation do these people in bio-tech use anyway ?

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