Two Thumbs For Studio Ghibli

"Your name is Chihiro. Remember that, and don’t ever forget it or you will never get out from this place" -Spirited Away

I’ve seen two of their film : Howl’s Moving Castle and, just last Saturday, Spirited Away. They are really the master of anime.

Here’s some point that really makes their production different from Walt Disney or Pixar or most of anime studios :

  • Theme

  Both Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away shows unusual theme. It’s simple, yet unpredictable until you see the end. Most of Walt Disney’s and Pixar’s production don’t have such theme. Just watch it 15 minutes, and you’ll know where the story ends. That’s why only kids that want to see Walt Disney’s and Pixar’s production.
  For other anime studio production, usually their theme is weird, but cannot really make you sit until the film is done. For example : Naruto (about ninja, and weird technics), Cardcaptor sakura (collecting cards).

  • Emotion

  What builds emotion ? First one is dialog. Second, the soundtrack. This is the real challenge for anime production. Outside Japan, most of cartoons / animation film are being watched by children. In such case, the dialog should not be complicated enough (like using sarcasm or have dual meaning). But, adult audience expect that. It’s the key that shows the character’s soul. At least, we need to be convinced that we’re dealing with the real character instead of drawed picture.
  In my opinion, this is the one that makes Studio Ghibli different. Spirited away doesn’t use very complicated techniques to make the characters real. They speak like us..yet it’s still simple enough for young audience to understand it.

  • Character

  OK, admit it, who really wants to pay for Fantastic-4 or XMan movies ?? I wouldn’t. They are the real animation movies for children, but filmed using real live human. We’re grown up that don’t believe there’s super person, that can do anything everthing without fear and so on…The only super heroes that I like is spiderman, since he’s the one that’s so close to the real human.
  But, I personally tend to like normal character who become heroes in the movies. He/she/it proves that you are heroes in your life. You don’t need to have super power to be hero. That’s the character that I see in Chihiro (Spirited Away) and Howl’s Moving Castle.

  • Photography

  I think only Sinchan and/or Doraemon movies that don’t have good picture. Most of animation movies currently have it, specially Pixar. This is where Studio Ghibli should learn more.

If you want to see other quality animes, my suggestion is :

  1. Howl’s moving castle (Genre : drama)
  2. Spirited away (Genre : un-classified-able)
  3. Samurai 7 (Genre : action)

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