Three Months Reflection

I’ve been here, in the foreign land, for 3 months. Here is my report on what I have achieved.

As reminder :
* The purpose of my life : "What man is a man that does not make the world better"..
* Why I am here : "There in end of the world, I am not what I am born, but I am what I have in myself to be".

Technical skills:
a) Programming time out and retry (along with the error handling) in firmware
b) Programming multi-layer communication protocol
c) Concurrency and multi threading in firmware / software level
d) Robust firmware error handling
e) Diffusion and mesh network multihopping

Managerial skills:
a) Design demo to attract prospective customers
b) Analysis on technology platform

Entrepreneur ideas:
a) Fleet management system using WSN
b) Game / multimedia / CAD system
c) Industrial automated control
d) Industrial specific sensor interface

Project to be outsourced to Indonesia :
– None so far

Progress on date :
– None so far =)

Additional notes :
– Learning Design Pattern and ADT would add great benefit
– Need better OS than TinyOS to create more applicable WSN

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