NPD : Product Strategy

Business Planning : Process Example

  • Vision -> Mission -> Situation Analysis (competitive evaluation – future environment – Business objectives) -> SWOTs -> CSF (Critical Success Factors) -> Business Units detailed Product Plans -> Resource Planning (including budgeting) -> Implementation

Vision and Mission

  • Vision requires : goals and targets
  • Mission can change during the  company’s life time
  • The purpose of Vision and Mission :
    • Driving company’s action
  • Vision / Mission Example :
    • To be, To do, Where, for the people (customers, shareholders, managers, employees, etc)
    • Include : boundaries, diversification, balance, emphasis
  • Mission statements are used as starting points of Marketing and Product Strategy

What is Strategy ?

  • Plan to win
  • Has the process of implementation built in

Concept of Strategy

  • Positioning (market share, profit, etc.) + building organizational competencies
    for implementation
  • Strategy as clear vision connected to flexible tactics
  • Capacity to act to implement existing strategies
  • Flexible organizations and management processes
  • Motivate behaviour through :
    • compelling vision plus reinforcement
    • developing capabilities
    • broadening perspectives
  • CEO sets out and reinforces vision
  • Strategy developed where people know what’s going on

SWOT Analysis

  • Offensive area : Strength + Opportunities
  • Defensive area : Weakness + Threads

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