The technologies that changed the world

Believe it or not, there are two basic technologies that changed our live today

  • Language

Humans are so different among other creatures that ever lived in this earth. Collect dogs from all other part of the earth, and put them inside a room. What will they do? Problably they’ll just barking each other. It’s unlike us, the human. When some people gathered in a room or so, we start to discuss about everything. We express our feelings, our minds, etc. Therefore, we human create technology to co-operate. It’s the basic of everything. Co-operation makes us stronger than any creatures that ever live in this world. Also, the co-operation principles (using language to communicate) is still used until today to make anything. No man is an island..that’s what we always say.

  • Writing

Ask an anthropolog, what makes a primitive or modern society different ? I guess the answer is the modern society know how to write. They know how to transform their language into letters. Thus, they pass their knowledge to their descendant. Therefore, the society accumulate knowledge enough to build their world order (such as kingdom, concept of nation, concept of legal rights, etc) and even tame the nature (look at our world : DNA cloning, atomic bomb, space travel, etc). Amazing isn’t it ?

Anyway, this blog topic is made to comment peoples that good enough to speak, but never read or even write down their knowledge. I guess it’s okay if you are good at speaking or commenting something. But remember this, your words or thoughts are nothing after some hours (who could remember every words or thoughts that we had said/thought every hours ?). It won’t be passed to your descendants (whether it’s your children or grand children). Therefore, you won’t add anything to this world if you pass away..(I must say that’s quite rude, no offence to anyone =P ).

So, start accumulate your knowledge..READ..Then share your knowledge to the world..WRITE..

Start blogging everyone !!

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