Love the changes

What is in this world that is never change ? Well, of course, the change itself. I guess that’s what Lao Tze’s saying years ago

Like it or not our world is changing, and it always change..Anyone who can’t follow it will die — the survival of the fittest theory. Of course, I don’t mean you’ll die or extinct if you don’t change =P

But why dont you think like this : you only live for a time, so spend it to explore the world.

Why should we affraid of changing ? If the changes not good for you, consider it as your most precious lesson. If the changes good, let’s keep it. And if you never change, you’ll spend all of your life in front of TV shows in coach, while asking yourself : what am I doing in this life anyway ?

I have good advice for you. Ever heard this poem ? “Footsteps in the Sand”..The poem said that you should never be afraid, because God Himself will carry you through the difficulties that you have.

So, everytime you have some changes in your life, step-up and face it. Believe in your heart, that everything that happens, happens in the hand of God and He won’t let you fail.

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