Re-inventing The Wheel

You’re just re-inventing the wheel..As I remember, those words are always said to me everytime I had some ideas. OK. I admit it. My idea weren’t original, but I had a point that you would never think.

First of all, I think re-inventing the wheel might means good for some fields while means bad for other field.

The “good” means come when you “re-invent the wheel” for learning purpose. Nobody learn how to run before they start to walk. This is the principle of learning. Start learning from the simplest one. It’s OK if you’re re-inventing the wheel.. As the matter of fact, I DO SUGGEST YOU to reinvent the wheel before you do something else that nobody has done before. If you are only learn how to build the wheel without ever really build it, I’m sure you’ll have a big trouble in creating new things.

The “bad” means come when you “re-invent the wheel” for business. Nobody is like to pay more for the same products/services (refer to my blog on customer behaviour). That is why least likely you will ever success with the same products/services that’s already run in the market.

My final conclusion, re-invent the wheel as much as you can. Then, build the new wheel based on the experience that you have from re-inventing the wheel.

Best Luck.


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