Accounting Your Time

I guess accounting your money is not so weird. So, what makes you think that your money need to be accountable ? Well, I guess everyone would have their own reasons. But for me, my money needs to be accountable because it’s worthy, it’s limited, and I need to know whether it could pay my needs or not..

The criteria for the money to be accountable is also similar to my time. My time is limited : 24-hours a day ( I wish I could have more than that, but God just don’t let me =D )..Thus, my time is precious. I dont live forever in this world. That’s why wasting my time is more like killing me softly. Of course, I wouldn’t call it “waste”, if I could enjoy it. That’s lead to the third criteria to account my time : do I have enough time to do things that I want ?

Well my friends, I can assure you that your time is worth enough to be accountable. Trust me in this one.

But let’s talk time accounting in business area. What is the benefit of having your time accountable ?
Let’s see…

  • For your clients or anyone that’s need your work
    I must say, it’s so rarely to see the clients ask you to do your job as fast as you can. I think they don’t care whether you do it fast or not. What they need is just a certainity of “when the job is done”. Right ?
  • For your manager/supervisor
    Let’s put yourself in manager/supervisor position for a while. What do you need ? You need exact time of how much time that’s needed to finish this project. Otherwise, the clients or your super-supervisor may upset to you.

    But, that’s not the only thing that you can get from accountable time. Watch carefully for each item that’s everyone in your team has added in their time account. C might done marketing research twice faster than B. While B can design prototypes twice faster than A.

    Yes. If you told your sub-ordinate to build their own schedule, they’ll put their most interesting item as number one, while leaving the other item for the rest. It’s the magic of human resource management. People is highly motivated by their interest rather than their ability. Putting these people according their interest may results a happy team that works twice faster than a team that’s grouped because of their ability.

  • For yourself
    Let’s admit it, you can get old and dying without emptying your task/job list. It doesn’t matter how hard you work to make it empty, it’ll always be filled by new tasks.

    So ? What I want to say is : life in balance. You don’t need to spend all of your time working in the office. But still, you could be the number one in the office, if you have a good schedule. To do this, separate tasks in different priority. Then do the top priority task first. If the un-prioritized task become unreachable, you don’t need to worry. Your upper-line manager won’t care about it (unless you put the wrong priority for the tasks).


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