Learning Faster … How ??

This is the trick that I got when watching Human Mind VCD – from BBC.co
The website is also available at BBC’s website

Understand how the memory is made

First of all, let’s understand how the memory in our brain is made.
Reference : BBC’s website – The Omega Wave

Our brain works by transmitting electron signals from one neuron to other neuron. The electron is gathered in a place called “synapse” before it jumps to other “synapse” in other neuron. Now, between one neuron and other, there is a physical gap which make the electron transition not easy, unless there’s a bridge that connect through both of the “synapse”.

What we call memory actually is the chemical bridge that makes the electrons easier to jump from one neuron to other neuron. The more often we use the memory, the wider the bridge is. Adding memory to our brain means building a bridge between those neurons (that’s why adding memory to our brain is never as easy as it sounds =) )

So, how do we improve our learning ability ? Use Omega-3 acids !! Omega-3 acids is known making the “synapse” bridge building easier (read the article above)..So, get a lot of fish and beans for your daily food..

Learn in order
Reference : BBC’s website – Diary of a memory champion

In the VCD, a man that’s winning memory contest is challenged to remember the order of three sets of bridge cards. The cards is shuffeled, so its order is quite random. Could he remember the card that’s in the 10-th order ? the 50-th order ?

Yes he CAN..HOW ??

The man said that he use london famous places as the number and rank of the cards, and things that he brought as the visits those places as the card’s suit. So here’s how he map : Ace – London bridge, 2 – Big Ben, 3- Buckingham palace, etc. Thus the things that he brought is : teddy bear ( clover ), saw ( heart ), hammer ( spade ), etc..

So how did he map the cards : He remembered that he went to London bridge carrying teddy bear for the first time ( Ace clover – 1st card ), then he went to buckingham palace with hammer (3 spade – 2nd card), etc..

Well..simply, it’s easier to remember the order (how things are related to each other) than remember the random things.

Next time, when you must remember the crazy human digestion system, try to remember the order first..Then you’ll remember how those organs work.

Learn from the past knowledge
This one is very amazing. It looks like our brain do have some techniques, to build some new memories / ability by using the knowledge that we earn from the past.

The VCD shown a fireman, who was recently become a local hero for saving his friends from the fire explosion. How the fireman knew that there would be an explosion from the burning warehouse ? Intuition ?

First, the fireman realized that there was something wrong with the fire. The usual fire is burning yellow, this one is reddish and small. Thus, the fire was pointing inside the building. Most fire would point outside the building..

His memories as yearly fireman suddenly awaken. Thus, he had new vision of what was going on using those memories. First the fire is drawn inside the building because the air was sucked into the building. Thus, the color of the fire tends to red than yellow is because the fire didn’t have enough oxigen.

It lead him to one conclucion. The fire is running out the oxigen. So it drawed the oxigen fastly into the center of the fire (since there was a vacuum in the middle of the fire). The oxigen pressure in the middle of fire would rise very quickly, while the surrounding air pressure remains still..His final thought ?? It would explode !!!

So, what can we learn from it ? Learn to use the analogy. You have so many knowledge from your past. Use it to learn the new things.

Use the old knowledge as the base, then add the difference from the new things that you want to learn. You will learn faster.

Example : If you want to learn 32-bits microprocessor, use your 8-bits microcontroller knowledge as your base. Add things that makes 32-bits processors different from the usual 8-bits microcontrollers that you have already learned. It’ll make your learning path easier.

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